House in Nowa Wieś Zbąska

type: single family house
place: Nowa Wieś Zbąska, Greater Poland Voivodeship
authors: Ewa Pobudejska
phase: building project
time: may 2017
area: usable: 140m2
cubic measure: 650 m3

This house for young family is located in Nowa Wieś Zbąska, small village Greater Poland with a huge lake.

The great advantage of the 25 acre parcel is the fact that is surrounded by forest and meadow.

The building opens up to the environment via huge sliding windows which blur the boundary between inside and outside.

Pharmacy in Oława

type: retail shop
place: 3 Maja Street, Oława
authors: Ewa Pobudejska, cooperation: Katarzyna Malinowska, Anna Kiełbius
phase: put into service
time: 2013-2014
area: 131m2
cubic measure: 393 m3

The pharmacy is located on one of the main street in Oława in the ground floor of new mix use building.

The design task was to develop part of the building to fit all spatial demands required in pharmacies.

The project gained building permit and positive opinion of The Pharmacy Inspectorate,
and is in use since 2014.


type: multi-family residential commercial building
place: Zielona Góra
authors: Ewa Pobudejska
phase: detalied design
time: 2017
area: 64m2
cubic measure: 160m3

The Apartament is located on 3rd floor of new built housing estate in South part of the town near The Piastowski Park. The Apartament is dedicated for a young active couple, that loves outdoor sports, for their active dog and collection of house plants. Therefore it must be very practical and spacious. It consist of livingroom with entrance on wide balcony, kitchen, bedroom, cabinet, bathroom, storage and corridor.

Public restroom in Płock

type: kommunal building
place: Roguckiego Avenue Płock, Masovian Voivodeship
authors: Ewa Pobudejska
phase: competition
time: may 2016
area: building: 100 m2
cubic measure: 300 m3

The building is located in typical polish housing estate built in 1970s for labour class.

11-storey prefabricated blocks of flats settlement is cut in two pieces by one of the main axis, a green stripe zone, which join historical Old Town and recreationale part of the town, a huge park with sport infrastructure.

The public restroom was designed specially for walkers, apart from its typical function it provides place for rest, bike racks, vending machines, and the info kiosk.

The simple practical rectangular form of the building fits the context of the so called socmodernism.

Residential building in Szczecin

type: multi-family residential commercial building
place: Szczecin
authors: Ewa Pobudejska
phase: concept design
time: 2017
area: 2740m2
cubic measure: 4357m3

The building consists of 5 overground floors and 1 underground floor. The undergroundfloor contains parking spots, technical space, space for bicycles and storages for residents. There are 3 commercial premises located in the part of the groundfloor of total area 312m2. The residential part is situated in the west part of groundfloor and in all upper floors and it consits of 32 apartments of area between 39 and 85 m2. The ground floor apartaments posess adjacent small gardens while the upper floors ones have recessed balconies of miniumum surface of 5,2m2. There is also a common space for inhabitants on the terrace on the roof of the 4th floor.

Office and warehouse building

type: commercial, industry
place: Szczecin
authors: Ewa Pobudejska
phase: concept design
time: 2017
area: 1220,9m2
cubic measure: 919 072m3

The building was design for company that trades in lightning and lamps. It consists of 2 parts: one storey storage hall and 2 floors office part which includes also entrance hall with exhibition of lamps, social rooms, meeting room, utility rooms. The project includes also 2 parking areas for passenger cars and delivery trucks and supply zone.

Terraced housing

type: residential
place: Szczecin, Poland
authors: Ewa Pobudejska
phase: concept design
time: 2017
area: usable: 7 x 180 m2
cubic measure: 7x 540,3 m3

The estate consist of 7 units of single family houses with usable attic. All units have embodied lock up garages in the grungfloor. Each unit has enclosed front and back garden. The area of parcels amounts between 375-455m2.

Elementary- and nurseryschool complex

type: public
place: Warsaw, Poland
authors: Ewa Pobudejska
phase: competition
time: 2017
area: usable: 10 248m2
cubic measure: 56 384 m3

The area of investment is located on Jerzego Zaruby Street in quiet estate Kabaty in Ursynów District in southern Warsaw, only 500m from Kabacki Forest.

The main idea comes from observation of lifestyle of contemporary children. We spend more and more time indoor. Instead of playing on the playground kids spend time in front of electronic devices.

Compact 3 storey shape of building enabled creating huge open patio of area of 2000sqm on relatively small lot with an easy access for children to green outside space. Addictionally to playground function special places for outdoor classes were designed.

Thanks to this solutions kids can spend much more time outside than in usual school. Wild meadow vegetation designed on the patio inspires kids to play, explore, make flower wreathand, catch butterflies and may others. Common play also empower bonds between kids and developes social skills.

Dance Hall

type: public
place: Wołoszczowa, Poland
authors: Ewa Pobudejska
phase: competition
time: 2017
area: usable: 418,10 m2
cubic measure: 2930,56 m3

The competiton task was to design extension of existing local cultural centre for new dance room with dressing rooms and service rooms.